How Long Have You Been With Your Pets?


When you were a child, you got a pet, it may be a puppy or kitten, or other animals. The pet was your best friend, and you would like to share everything with your buddy, whatever it’s happy or unhappy. And of course, you had some secrets to kept together, only you and your pet knew that.

Time passed and the little baby grew up to the uncle, and the pretty girl became a beautiful lady. The pet also grew up to a big guy, what will never change is the love between you and your beloved pet.

01-grow-up-with-pets-04 02-grow-up-with-pets-08 03-grow-up-with-pets-06 04-grow-up-with-pets-0205-grow-up-with-pets-07

Do you remember how long have you been with your pets? Maybe it’s too long and it’s hard to say that. Taking a photo is very important, and remember to do it several years later again, you will find it very interesting, that’s the glamour of the photography.

4 years long, something different but it’s Ok:


10 years long, the memories of youth: 10-grow-up-with-pets-03

11 years long, we all grew up: 11-grow-up-with-pets-18 12 years long, we did not change a little: 12-grow-up-with-pets-17

14 years long, my teeth is shining now: 14-grow-up-with-pets-09

15 years long, I’m a little sad: 15-grow-up-with-pets-15


16 years long, kiss me please: 16-grow-up-with-pets-01



17 years long, you still does not like photographying: 17-grow-up-with-pets-11


Finally, 21 years long…21-grow-up-with-pets-14

The time we lived together can be longer, and we hope it will be for ever. For ever is very long…